Present international standard ISO 22000:

2005 food safety management system was formulated by the food technology commission (ISO TC34) of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and was formally announced in September 2005. Because of this international standard, the global food supply chain is consistent in the aspect of food safety management system and certification. ISO 22000: 2005 international standard combined the spirit of ISO 9000 and adopted the mode of P-D-C-A, added the principle of HACCP and referred to the regulations such as GMP and GHP, which indeed appeared in the contents of the international standard ISO 22000. This allowed the global food supply chain to have a clear direction, and those businesses that promote food safety management system and pass certifications can show their determination to implement food safety on the market and obtain global consumers’ trust and faith.

  • The food safety management system requirements regulated by this international standard constitute an organization which:
  •  1.Has ability to supply products steadily, and conform to requirements from customers and suitable regulations.
  •  2.Through effective operation of the system to enhance customers’ satisfaction, including continued improvement of the system and guarantees to conform to requirements from customers and suitable regulations. Obtaining ISO certification is not an end but a start to pursue an outstanding and perfect objective. Pursuing quality is our company’s consistent belief. The entire staff will hold management concept/food safety strategy in mind: “factory clean, food safe, customers rest assured”, and continue to strive to serve customers and contribute to society.

  • HACCP/hazard analysis and critical control point: HA (hazard analysis):
  • means to aim at the entire process of food production from product R&D and design, to materials purchase, to product manufacturing, packing, storing, Transportation, selling and until consumption to carry out a scientific and systematic estimation and analysis in order to understand the possibilities of various hazards happening. Making effective control measures and conditions for those with higher possibilities of hazards occurring in order to prevent, eliminate or reduce food hazard to a minimum acceptable level.
  • HACCP uses the entire production process management as its major management method. Through the estimation and analysis of hazards, using clear major management techniques in the production process to ensure product safety. The preventive management system beforehand can effectively restrain various hazards happening to food. The fact of its food safety guarantee can become a common management standard for international food certifications.

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