Frozen food artist ~ Han Dian, is devoted to frozen food – just like artists to their creations. From R&D, materials, production, packing to distribution, Han Dian maintains strict quality standards at every stage. We have introduced the most advanced production techniques continuously over ten years and continue to improve in our R&D of those techniques to promote Han Dian’s sustained development and vigor. We also develop steadily under the premise of sustained management in accordance with “develop the mode to improve service, research, innovation and the pursuit of the best quality”. Our products include: gratin, Italian cuisine, steamed rice plates, soup bags and the chef cuisine including about 100 different delicacies for our customers. Our company is the first to establish the most complete frozen food distribution network throughout Taiwan in order to provide the most rapid service for our customers.

We consider customers as long-term business partners and hope to build up a partnership between customers and suppliers. We provide customers instant delicacies and actively move toward the objective to become the leader of the frozen food industry. We expect to R&D commodities jointly with various catering chain systems and our company will provide OEM production service.

  • Our company passed international standard certifications of food, such as ISO22000 and HACCP, to ensure hygiene and safety!
  • Preservatives are never added; pure and nutrional. Items stored in a freezer ( blow -18oC ) can be preserved for a year!!
  • Order before 10:00 Am every day and your food will be delivered to your house the next day. ( This days are needed to deliver to off-shore islands )
  • Use a centralized kitchen to save manpower and material resources in retail stores.
  • Artist to develop and OEM exclusive commodities; assist menu planning, opening store guidance and teaching.
  • We use imported materials such as Nylon heatproof bags (heatproof up to 120oC). You can eat immediately after boiling, steaming or microwaving the instant food packages!
Factory: +886-5-6965999 Taipei Branch: +886-2-29042222 Taichung Branch: +886-4-23804575 Kaohsiung Branch: +886-7-3101662