【 Economic Daily News, Jin-Dian award special issue 】

Han Dian Ltd Co. has won the fifth Jin-Dian award of the session excellence small and medium-sized enterprises.(Sponsor:Republic of China The 21st century Economics and Trade Development Association...


【 Industry and commerce Times 】

Han Dian, the artist of frozenfoods, has engaged in developing the innovation of products and promoting food sanitation standards. In recent years, our business has become more and more expended. We were honored to win various awards and passed through thefood safety management international confirmation, ISO 22000 and HACCP.It has strengthened our business competitiveness...


【EHS shopping catalog - September 】


【EHS shopping catalog - October 】


【 Black Cat Exploring Team 】

Han Dian, Herbal soup is good for keeping health in winter time.

Han Dian food is famous for its frozenfoods.The products involved diverse cuisines as roasted foods with cheese, Italian cuisine, braised rice,soups and flavor packs.Their products amount to more than eighty special delicacies foods to provoke your picky taste.....

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